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Buying or selling a home (often simultaneously) is a challenging time in most people’s lives. Alongside the usual excitement of moving up the property ladder, or finding the house that better suits your needs, there are pressures that come from the legal process of transferring ownership.

That is conveyancing. It’s the unavoidable set of formalities that lawyers like us guide clients through, not just to ensure the transaction happens but that it’s thorough and complete. There will be various checks to be run on the property, questions to be answered, assurances to be given. The aim is that the buyer and seller each have a clear understanding of their side of the arrangement so that there are no nasty surprises down the line. 

We specialise in this, acting for first-time buyers through to residential landlords and seasoned property owners. We’re also people who have bought and sold homes for ourselves, so we understand just how the pressures hit, particularly in long chains, or where there are complex property issues, and where timing is everything.

So, we try to take as much of our clients’ burden as possible. In practice, this means being  clear in our explanations and making sure you’re involved as much or as little as you choose to be in the day-to-day developments. For some people, it helps to know at any given point what stage the transaction is at, while others prefer to only be contacted when it’s absolutely necessary. We’ll fit in with you. We’re good communicators and our phonelines, emails and doors are always open for questions, however small you think they may be.

And your contact point will be the same throughout. We always allocate one lawyer to each transaction, because continuity is important. You won’t have to repeat yourself each time you call. And you won’t need to worry about things grinding to a halt if your lawyer is away; our system is set up so that any member of the team will be able to access your file and keep things moving or help you out with a query. It’s all part of making sure everything comes together on time. This is helped by our close links with mortgage lenders and our good relationships with other local Hampshire solicitors acting on the other side; transactions often get completed more quickly and cost effectively because of this.

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