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How does Retirement affect Divorce?

7th Jan 2016

When you make the difficult decision to get divorced you may not immediately think about the implications of your divorce on your retirement or indeed the impact on your pension if you are already retired but your pension is possibly one of the largest assets you have next to your family home. It i...

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The Pros and Cons of Litigation

16th Nov 2015

The pros and cons of litigation Nobody likes having to take legal action against another party because of some dispute, but sometimes it is the only course of action available to resolve the situation, however, it is not something to be rushed into. Although the ultimate advantages may include seei...

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The importance of making a will

11th Nov 2015

Some individuals regard making a will as somehow tempting fate. That is a ridiculous notion of course but it often causes the process of making a will to be delayed or even forgotten completely. Dying intestate (dying without leaving a legally valid will) can cause all sorts of problems for loved on...

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I rely on my driving licence for a living

3rd Nov 2015

If you drive for a living, facing a driving disqualification could be disastrous. Whether you drive a long-distance haulage truck or a delivery van, a taxi cab or a company car, there are many circumstances in which not being able to drive means that you simply cannot do your job. There are many mo...

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Conveyancing explained

3rd Nov 2015

Residential conveyancing sounds complicated – and in many ways it is – but the phrase basically just refers to all of the legal work involved in the processes of buying and selling a home. In the UK, all conveyancers are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and solicitors a...

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Botched Operation?

27th Oct 2015

If you've suffered from serious problems after an operation, then you may be able to make a legal claim for medical negligence and possibly receive substantial compensation as a result. If a botched operation has left you seriously injured or disabled, then of course a financial payment can't give y...

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