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Can I legally change my name?

17th Jul 2015

Not many people realise that you can change your name without following any sort of legal process. So if you decide, like someone in the US to change your name to Optimus Prime (a robot character from Transformers) there is not a lot stopping you, however you may and most certainly will come across...

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What is the Court of Protection?

14th Jul 2015

The Court of Protection is the name of a special court that has become well known to the general public since The Mental Capacity Act 2005 was brought into force. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 says that anyone who lacks capacity under the definition of the Act, must have representation appointed by...

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Medical Negligence – Can you Claim?

26th Jun 2015

The NHS in the UK offers care to everyone free of charge and in many respects it is a model that is looked upon with envy from many parts of the world.  Most of us have experiences of the care provided by the NHS which run from excellent to perhaps not so good.  However when does “no...

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