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Modifying restrictive covenants

18th Jan 2019

When it comes to property, all is not always as it seems. Whether you have your eye on a simple piece of land, an office block, or a family home, a whole host of potentially thwarting issues can be lurking in the legal documents. It’s our job to find these and to make our property-buying clie...

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Accidents at work

21st Dec 2018

The workplace is generally a safe place to be. That is because employers put a great deal of effort into making it that way, so that workers can get on with their tasks and earn their pay.  That’s the theory. In practice, accidents happen at work just as they happen on pavements, in cars...

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Why all new parents should make a Will

16th Nov 2018

It is unlikely to be your first thought when your baby arrives. But making sure that your new addition will be taken care of in the event of your death is not something to put off. Don’t dwell on that alarming thought! Instead, let it motivate you to get your affairs in order. Becoming a pare...

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Have you chosen your executors wisely?

9th Nov 2018

The executor of a Will is a responsible position. The appointed person, or people (between two and four is recommended), will be tasked with putting into effect the terms of your Will, and so it is vital that you select people you trust.  Family members are a standard choice. As relations, the...

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Making a Will within divorce proceedings

26th Oct 2018

Rarely do people wrapped up in a separation or divorce think about making a Will, or changing a Will that they made many years before. It is not until we suggest this that clients consider the potential ramifications of not having a Will that reflects their current situation. A valid Will remains v...

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Parental responsibility

19th Oct 2018

Parental responsibility is a straightforward concept. It is a set of duties placed on the parent(s) of children to look after those children, to raise them, and make important decisions on their behalf. These are the things that parents usually do entirely naturally, and without ever labelling it a...

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The Common-Law Marriage Myth

21st Sep 2018

Couples are increasingly choosing to live together without marrying or becoming civil partners. In 2016 there were 3.3 million cohabiting couples or around 6.6 million cohabiting adults. This is officially the fastest growing family type, more than doubling from 1.5 million couples just 20 years ago...

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