Taking the voluntary route

14th May 2021

Employers often enter into redundancy with a heavy heart. It can mean losing good people who have served them well over the years. It also means embarking on a process that will suck up a significant amount of HR and management time. But it’s all done with the interests of the business in mind...

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Living Wills

7th May 2021

A Living Will (sometimes known as an Advance Decision or Advance Directive) is a way of planning for what life may have in store. As with many of the arrangements, such as standard Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, that can be put in place during a person’s lifetime, a Living Will sets ou...

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Separation agreements

29th Apr 2021

The finality of divorce or dissolution is for many former couples the ideal outcome. Where a relationship has broken down irretrievably, the best thing in most cases is for each to go their separate ways, on clear and certain terms. However this can be a step too far for some, initially at least. T...

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What happens if I lose mental capacity?

16th Apr 2021

Mental capacity is a person’s ability to make decisions for themselves. It’s something that many of us take for granted; we choose where to live, what to do with our money, what medical treatment we’re happy to receive. But for those who lose mental capacity, or who never had it,...

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Why Court isn’t the only option

9th Apr 2021

There has long been an expectation among divorcing couples that their relationship will become the subject of a bitter court battle. They take it that court is the place for the terms of their divorce to be fixed and where they will have to come face-to-face with each other – possibly for the...

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Landlord and tenant disputes

26th Mar 2021

When someone rents a house or a flat, it is the beginning of a commercial relationship. The fact that the property becomes the tenant’s home shouldn’t divert attention from the reality of the situation: the landlord and the tenant will each have certain legitimate expectations and forma...

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Best-laid plans?

12th Mar 2021

Rishi Sunak’s announcement in last week’s Budget that inheritance tax (IHT) is essentially to remain as it is will come as a relief to many. It had been feared that both IHT and Capital Gains Tax (the tax paid on the increased value of something you sell) would be targeted as part of th...

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Is your Will up-to-date?

5th Mar 2021

It’s useful to think of your Will as a reflection of your situation and your wishes at a particular time. When a client comes to us to talk about making a Will, they tell us about their family set-up, their assets, their intentions when it comes to passing on the things they own. These are al...

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An act of control

26th Feb 2021

A Sky News headline caught our eye a few days ago: ‘Judge condemns man who installed camera in living room to spy on his wife’. According to the report, the man’s wife was shocked to find out about the camera. He, on the other hand, didn’t appear to think it was ‘out o...

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Let’s live together

12th Feb 2021

Moving in with a partner is a relationship milestone. While it is an exciting time in two people’s lives, rushing in without thinking through the practicalities - how bills will be split, how the property will be owned, for example – could cause problems further down the line. It’...

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